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CH-70 Hydraulic metal hole punch

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CH-70 Hydraulic metal hole punch

Punching force


Max thickness of sheet

 12mm of copper sheet/ 6 mm of metal sheet

Depth of throat













it is used for Cu/Al plate, can match pumps CP-700/ DYB-63A.


Tools Introduction

Hydraulic Punching Tools CH-70 is a remote control tool, works with an external hydraulic pump (Hand Foot or Electric pump). It is designed to punch round holes on Cu/Al Busbar. With 4 pairs standard punching dies (10.5 / 13.8 / 17 / 20.5mm), punching hole size is between diameter 10.5mm and diameter 20.5mm. Busbar thickness should below or equivalent to 12mm. With hydraulic power, 4 pairs sharp punching dies, easy fast and clean punching can be achieved



1. Application: Punch Round Holes on Cu/Al Busbar

2. Punching Capacity: Dia. 10.5mm-Dia. 20.5mm

3. Busbar Thickness: Below or equivalent to 12mm

4. Output: 35T  Throat Depth: 110mm

5. Weight: 28kg  Size: 370*240*150mm

6. Package: Steel Case



1. Remote Control Style: Works with an external hydraulic pump. With the help of hydraulic power, punching become easy and fast. Foot Hand and Electric Hydraulic pumps are all available in our products range

2. 4 Pairs Standard Punching Dies: For precise punching, select proper dies accoding to application

3. Dies Size: 10.5mm  13.8mm  17mm  20.5mm

4. Punching Dies Customization is Available if samples and Drawings can be provided

5. Steel Case Package: Protect Tools well


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