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Hydraulic angle steel cutting tools CAC-756

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Hydraulic angle steel cutting tools CAC-756 or angle steel cutter.

Detailed Product Description


CAC-756 Hydraulic_Angle_Iron_Cutting_Tool

multi-functional hydraulic angle steel cutting tools
It is easy-operated to cut and bend angle steel
multifuctional angle iron machine

Suitable for cutting and bendig angle iron (L50XL50XT4) and stainless steel (L50XL50XT4) .

Quite easy to operate according to the requirements by  changing of the different moulds.

Made from high-tension steel sheet with compact structure,fixed and durable.

High precision and low noise in design

Left the scrap in the front of the machine,which is easy to clear up

No spark,burr-free in the process,

The pressure is 28T,can match different hydraulic pumps.

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