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CYO-400a hand operated hydraulic crimping tool

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CYO-400a hand operated hydraulic crimping tool

CYO-400a is hand operated and intended to crimp Al and Cu connectors from 16-400mm2 on cables. With 12 sets high quality crimping dies, operator can install the most proper dies according to application, precise crimping can be assured. The special C-shape and 180 degree rotatable head design, hydraulic system equipped make crimping more easy safe and fast.


(1) Output: 12T    Ram Stroke: 32mm

(2) Crimping Capacity: 16-400mm2

(3) Standard Dies: 12 sets (Customization is available)( 16、25、35、50、70、95、120、150、185、240、300、400)

(4) Package: Plastic Carrying Case

(5) Size: 77*25*13cm   Weight: 12.5kg

hand operated_hydraulic_crimping_tool_CYO-400A


CYO-400a hand operated hydraulic crimping tool

  1. C-shape head design for easy cable and connectors insertion and removal
  2. 180 degree rotatable head design for flexible operation in narrow place
  3. Double Speed Unit (Two stages pump) equipped for quick crimping. make ram advance quickly under no load condition (1 stage high speed low pressure), automatically develop high pressure when load is contacted (2 stage high pressure low speed)
  4. Safety valve equipped for safe operation and prolong tool life. Automatically relief pressure when rated pressure is reached (rated pressure should be preset and can be adjusted ), protect hydraulic system form overpressure
  5. To release pressure, retract ram,turn release button
  6. Plastic case package for easy carrying and protect tool well

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