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Hydraulic Crimping Tools
Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

hydraulic crimping tools or hydraulic cable lug crimper , Chinese called hydraulic pliers, hydraulic compression tools, for crimping electrical cable and connecting lugs, terminal, copper tube end and cable wire.

hydraulic wire crimping tool Features:

Hydraulic crimping tool is a professional tool for crimping copper and aluminum lugs with different types, a wide range of crimping dies from 4 mm2 to 1000 mm2 to suit for different size demand. The main crimping shape is hexagonal, special shape design is provided by special making.

1, Good design, easy operation, high pressure, high efficiency hydraulic tools.
2, Linght weight, compact and slim design.
3, Closed crimping head provides an easy insertion and removal of connectors, the spring loaded pump handle allows one hand pumping until lower dies holds connector between dies.
4, Hand operated compression tools, please consult your connector manufacturer for exact cable, connectors and dies combinations.

Heavy Duty Copper Tube Terminal Crimping Tools

Baolifeng is a biggest supplier of hydraulic crimping tool in china.

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