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CP-700 manual hydraulic pump

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CP-700 manual hydraulic pump


Hand Hydraulic Pump CP-700: Provide pressurized oil to compatible remote control tool----Crimping Cutting Head Cylinder etc

Hand Hydraulic Pump CP-700 is a Hand-operated Single-Acting pump. It is used to provide pressurized oil to compatible remote control single-acting tools: Crimping Head / Cutting Head / Cylinder / Pipe bender / Busbar tools etc. Where 700Bar (10000PSI) working pressure is needed. With PT 3/8" quick coupler, pumps can be quickly connected with compatible tools. Double speed unit and safety valve assembled inside make operation fast and safe.


manual hydraulic_pump_CP-700 

Hand Hydraulic Pump CP-700 Features

1. Hand operated style: No electric power is needed.

2. Quick Coupler: For fast connection with compatible tools.

3. Double Speed Unit: For quick operation. Allow quick oil delivery under no load condition (12.26cc/stroke), and then bulid sufficient working pressure under losd condition (20-700Bar)

4. Safty Valve: For safe operation. Automatically relief pressure when rated pressure is reached, protect hydraulic system from overpressure

5. Steel Case Package: For easy carrying and protect pumps well during shipping


Hand pump

Max Output Pressure

Low pressure-20kg/cm2

High pressure-700kg/cm2

Output Of Oil

Low pressure-13cc

High pressure-2.3cc

Capacity Of Oil





heavy duty carton



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