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SYK-8A hydraulic knockout punches kits hole punch driver

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SYK-8A hydraulic knockout punches kits hole punch driver

1, Comes with hydraulic hand punch, oil hose, puncher head, hole dies set and accessories.
2, The plastic carrying case including six round dies:16mm, 20, 26.2, 32.6, 39, 51mm.

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SYK-8A hydraulic_knockout_punches


1.layout: Mark locations for all holes.

2.tool choice: choose matching cups and dies and corresponding draw stud. S spacer(inset)is included but is not required.

3.drill pilot holes:use the tool to drill the pilot holes.

4.assemble tool cup:screw draw stud completely into tool,slide on cup.

5.assemble tool die:push draw stud through hole,screw cutting die onto draw stud.finger tight.

6.close pressure valve:locate pressure valve and turn clockwise.finger tight.

7.punch holes:position fully articulating tool head in a comfortable position.begin operating pump.

9.release pressure valve.:turn valve counter-clockwise.

9.disassemble tool die :unscrew cutting dies, slug drops out.

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