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pex pipe crimp tools ppc001

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pex pipe crimp tools ppc001

PEX Crimp Tools are used in conjunction with Copper Crimp Rings and crimp style PEX fittings. Crimp connection method is one of the most reliable, time proven and durable of all connection methods available. Go-No-Go gauge is used to calibrate the tool when needed and check connections for accuracy.
PEX Crimp Tools are available both as kits for various tubing sizes and as single size PEX tools.

1 Product Name : Digital Counter Multi-Head Pex Crimping Tool

-2 Item No : ppc001

3 Usage : Crimping Pex Rings

-4 Standard : ASTM Specification

-5 Working Capacity :  3/8 " , 1/2 " , 3/4 " , 1 "

-6 Accessories : Go-No-Go

-7 Feature : With Digital Counter to prevent any miss crimps

-8 For more information ,Welcome to contact with us directly

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