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pex pipe crimp tools ppc007

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Your Basic Pex Tools for Hot/Cold Water:

  • Fittings - all connections are mechanical. PEX is not installed using any cement, solvent or heat fusion.
  • PEX tubing comes in 3/8" all the way up to 2" (with some manufacturers). Pex-A grade tubing is the highest quality and will last up to 100 years. Some of the better brands of PEX are baolifeng . All the tubing that you purchase should have a ASTM F876/F877 (SDR 9) certificate as tested by NSF (14 & 61) and CSA, conform to International Standard 9001, and have a 25 year warranty that includes property damage. The PEX sold in Home Depot and Lowes is Pex-B which will last just as long, but does not have the oxy barrier to withstand heating.

pex pipe crimp tools ppc007

1 Name : Pex Crimp Tool

2 Item No : pex pipe crimp tools ppc007

3 Application Scope : Crimping Pex Pipe

4 Crimping Range : Φ 15 (3/8 ")

5 Weight : 0.9 KGS

6 Length : 275 MM

7 For more information ,Welcome to contact with us

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