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hydraulic cable cutter

hydraulic cable cutter

Hydraulic manual type hands operated steel cable cutter, wire cutting tools.
Heavy duty cutter, for cutting steel wire rope and ACSR cable.
Hydraulic cable cutters are indeed very essential. When you are into the field of cable joining and fixing, you would know just how important having one is.There are several modern cable cutters available nowadays. Yet, there are also some types in which they claim to be modern but their effects are not that modern. When you are searching for a wise investment with a modern tool, then you can have BLF hydraulic cutter. With this tool, you are assured that you can get modern benefits and get back whatever is it that you have invested on it. Read on and discover more of this modern product.

Our hydraulic cable cutting tools for use on copper and aluminium wires feature:

  • Fast cutting for PE&IV cables, telephone wires
  • Blade made from high-carbon tungsten alloy steel and specially heat treated.

Use the hydraulic cable cutting tools with our hydraulic hand pump or similar hydraulic pump.

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