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bl-85 Battery Powered Cable Cutters For 85mm Cu Al Cables wire

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Electro-hydraulic cutter for copper and aluminium cable wire to 85mmØ

1 Product Name: Battery Powered Cable Cutters ,

Electro-hydraulic cutter for copper and aluminium cable to 85mmØ

2 Item No: EZ-85 

3 Application: Cutting Cu/Al Cables and Armoured Cables 

4 Cutting Range: Φ 85mm 

5 Cutting Cycle: 70 Times 

6 Cutting Force: 60KN 

7 Voltage: 18V 

8 Capacity: 3.0Ah 

9 Charging Time: 2 Hours 

10 Package: Steel Case 

11 Accessories: 

Blade: 1 PCS 

Battery: 2 PCS 

Charger: 1 PCS 

Sealing Ring of Cylinder: 1 SET 

Sealing Ring of Safety Valve: 1 SET

Battery cable cutter 's blades are manufactured from high strength special steel, heat treated to ensure a long service life.

CORDLESS HYDRAULIC CABLE CUTTER 's head can be easily opened to allow the cutting of running cables. The head can rotate , to enable the operator to work in the most comfortable position.

The  is fitted with a maximum hydraulic pressure valve. Complete with a battery condition display, which after every operation indicates the residual battery power.

 battery powered_cutter_ez85

Battery cable cutter Function description:

MCU-automatically detect the pressure during operation and provide security protect,shut off the motor and reset automatically afteroperation.

Auto rese-release the pressure automatically ,retract the piston to the starting position when reached the max output.

Mannual reset-Can retract the piston to the starting positioning in case of an incorrect operation.

The unit is equipped with a double 

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