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hydraulic cable cutter cc-100b

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hydraulic cable cutter cc-100b

Item No.


Cutting Capacity
amoured cable Φ75mm
AL/CU cable     Φ100mm
590 mm
13.00 kg
wooden case

1.The cutting head are equipped with pt 3/8" high pressure couplers

2.Connected with hydraulic pump with maximum working pressure of 700kg/cm2

3.Working pump are fitted with safety valve,which will release automatic when maximum pressure is reached.

4.Product supplied with steel carrying case.

This cutter is designed for cutting up to Φ 100 mm max(for AL/CU cable   Φ100mm) 
Φ 75mm max(for armoured Cu/Alu cable) only and must not be used for other types of cable (and if damage occurs after use on cutting any cables not recommended then BLF will not be responsible for any claims or repair under the warranty).

BLF Engineering's hydraulic cable cutters have been manufactured in accordance with our Quality Standards ISO 9001.

In order to prevent any personal injury or material damage, the operator should be fully trained in the working operation and apply the relevant safety actions before using these hydraulic cutters.

This product is used by the telecoms industry.


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