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Battery Powered pipe pulling clamping tool pe1240

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Battery Powered pipe expander tool 1240

EZ-1240 Battery Powered Pipe Pulling clamping tools for crimping 12-40mm2 pipes

Name: Battery Powered pipe clamping tool  pe1240

Clamping force:20KN
Clamping range:12-40mm
Connecting/charge:320 times
Working cycle:3s-10s
Charging time:2hours
Package: steel box
sealing ring of cylinder:1set
sealing ring of safety vale:1set
ez-1240 Battery Powered Pipe Pulling tools

1. Pins for fastening the jaw sets on the clamping cylinder.

2. Interchangrable dies and rotary double jaw set (360 degrees) for different side each.

3. All tools can be controlled by one trigger.

4. Ergonomic design for one hand operation

5. On-site control: Control and Inspection; electronics with integrated pressure test provides an immediate error display without the use of additional equipment.
6. Efficiency control: Multifunctional LED indicates maintenance and battery control.
7. Automatic retraction stops (ARS) after completed crimping: stops at the correct position to secure further multiple parallel crimps of similar type.
8. High performance 18 V Lithium-Ion Batteries offering 50% higher capacity.
9. Power save function through motor stop feature (Automatic stop) once operation cycle is completed.
10. Two stage hydraulics more powerful.

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