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pex expander tools pe1632

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pex expander tools pe1632

1 Name : Pex Expander Tool

-2 Item No : PE-1632

-3 Material : Aluminum Alloy

-4 Expanding Range : Φ16 , Φ20 , Φ25 , Φ32

-5 Dies : Φ16 , Φ20 , Φ25 , Φ32

-6 Weight : 2.12 KGS

-7 Package : Plastic Box

PE-1632 pex_tube_expander

1. Applicable for expanding mouth of cold or hot water pipes, including PEX pipes, PVC pipes and enables pipe fittings insert into the pipes successfully. This is the necessary procedure before pipe installation 
2. Exchangeable moulds allow the single tool finish the expansion working of different pipe specifications within the range of Ø 16-Ø 32. 
3. Pipe diameter range: Ø 16-Ø 32, mould specifications:  16, 18, 20, 25, 26, 32(mm), no restriction for selection of the desired specification. 
4. Packing: In iron box each set.


pe-1632 is used to Expand PEX pipe and MLCP (Multi-layer composite pipe) before pressing or crimping. It's expanding capacity is up to Dia. 32mm.

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