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pneumatic crimping tool pct001

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pneumatic crimping tool pct001,pneumatic crimping machine pct001.

  • Use pneumatic power
  • Large output force
  • Easy replacement of dies
  • Step-on switch for applying force
  • Air pressure adjustable
  • Small consumption of compressed air

1 Product Name : Pneumatic Crimper

-2 Item No : pct001

-3 Description :

The machine is driven by dual action normal cylinder which has advantage of high efficiency and quality in force and speed

-The machine is suitable for kinds of wire terminals and connectors

-The dies set can be changed with our manual crimping tools

-4 Application Scope : Insulated Terminals ,Non-Insulated Terminals,Wire End Connectors, Cord End Terminals and so on

-5 Output Force : 13.5 KN

-6 Air Pressure : 0.4-1 MPA

-7 Extermal Dimension : 260mm * 120mm * 140mm

-8 Weight : 4 KGS

-9 Accessories : 1 set of dies , 1 foot air value ,2 air pipes

-Usage :

-A : Put the terminals into relevant tool mouth firstly

-B : Put the stripped insulated conductor into the terminals, push the foot air value ,loose it after crimping well

-C : Cut off air supply,Dismount the fix bolts on the clamp with L spanners

-D : Replace a desired clamp and screw down the bolts again

-For more information ,Welcome to contact with us directly !

The machine is driven by dual-action normal cylinder, which has advantages of high efficiency and quality in crimping force and speed. The machine is fit for crimping many kinds of terminals. The die sets are interchangeable with our manual crimping tools. So we can provide you all kinds of die sets for crimping. 
Accessories: one die set, one foot air valve, two air pipes.

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