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Hydraulic Rebar Cutter SC-16 for cutting off construction rebar, deformed bar and round bar

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Hydraulic Rebar Cutter SC-16 or called hydraulic steel bar cutter

Hydraulic Rebar Cutting Tool SC-16 is a hand-operated hydraulic tool,specially designed to cut rebar from Diameter 4mm to 16mm

Hydraulic Rebar Cutting Tools SC-16 is a hand-operated, self-contained tool, It is specially designed to cut Rebar from diameter 4mm to 16mm. With hydraulic power, cutting rebar become very easy and fast.

SC-16 is specially designed for cutting steel bar. Cutting capacity is up to 16mm Diameter. With the help of hydraulic power and special shape blade, cutting becomes very easy. In order to facilitate cutting, hydraulic system is equipped with Double Speed Unit (Two Stages Pump) which make cutting much faster. 180 degree rotatable head design also make operation flexible in narrow place. For more hydraulic steel bar cutting tool, please refer to SC-10, SC-20 and SC-25.

    1. It is designed for cutting steel bar.
    2. Cut opening design for easy opening.
    3. Dual speed unit quickly pushes knife die to cutting workpiece. Then cutting force lift and automatically switch to low speed. Save time and energy in cutting.
    4. Cutting head could be freely rotated 180º for working at narrow place.
    5. Integral formed plastic box which looks nice and practical is adopted for package.

Hydraulic Re_bar_Cutter_SC-16

Hydraulic Rebar Cutter  Feature

  1. C-shape Cutting Head design for easy steel bar insertion and removal
  2. 180 degree rotatable head design for flexible operation in narrow place
  3. Double Speed Unit (Two stages pump) equipped for quick crimping. make ram advance quickly under no load condition (1 stage high speed low pressure), automatically develop high pressure when load is contacted (2 stage high pressure low speed)
  4. To release pressure, turn release button equipped on tool side
  5. Plastic case package for easy carrying and protect tool well
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Hydraulic Rebar Cutter SC-16 for cutting off construction rebar, deformed bar and round bar

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