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Rebar Tying Machine blf400

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Rebar Tying Machine blf400

 Max Tying Diameter 40mm

Time of Making a Knot 0.9 seconds

Voltage DC9.6V Weight 2.2kg

Turns per Tie 2 turns/3

turns Ties per Coil Approx.160 ties(2turns)

Ties per Charge Over 1300 Ties

Length of Wire for Tying 600mm/2 turns 780mm/3 turns

Dimension(L)×(W)×(H) 285mm×100mm×296mm

Rebar Tying_Machine_blf400



Rebar Tying Machine blf400

rebar tying tools a hand-held power tool, can tie the crossed rebars speedily and automatically. Powered by the rechargeable battery it can be used alternatively and continuously. It is widely used in the construction field, which can highly improves the working efficiency.

Package: BMC plastic box + Carton

Contents( 1 set):

. 1Pc Rebar tying machine

. 2Pcs Batteries

. 1Pc  Charger

. 4Pcs of spool wire ( L100m /spool)

. 1pc of Inner Hexagon Spanner

. 1pc of Sharp Nose Pliers

Two Kinds Battery:

9.6V   Ni-MH    2800mAh

Charger: 110-240V   50/60Hz

Max. Tying Diameter: 40mm

Max. Tying Knots:

1200knots (Ni-MH battery)

Tying Time: 0.8second/knot

Packing Box Size: 408×162×418mm

GW of Machine: 2.1kg

GW of One Set: 7.5kg

Certificate: CE

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