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automatic wire stripper 5014

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automatic wire stripper 5014

1 Name : Automatic Wire Stripper

2 Type : 5014

3 Stripping Range : 0.25-2.5 mm2

4 Precise blade design ensure no damage of the conductor core

5 When Stripping, The wire can be held by clamping jaws

6 With adjustable length stop and spring returns the stripper to the starting position

7 Long life working

8 Weight : 0.36 KGS

9 Length : 175 MM

  • Strips from No. 10 to 22 AWG, up to a full 1" (24 m).
  • No nicking, cutting or fraying wire.
  • Blades also available for 8 to 12 AWG and 16 to 26 AWG.
  • Wire is automatically gripped and stripped with the same motion. Release pressure and jaws automatically open to release stripped wire. For clear nylon-jacket conductors, two activations are required.
  • Plastic hand grips for comfort.
  • Supplied with adjustable wire stop as standard feature, to assure uniform, precise strip length.

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