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Wire Stripping machine blf-wsm05

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Wire Stripping machine blf-wsm05

If the wires you need to strip are thicker, say the size of 10 gauges or more, you need to use an electric automatic wire stripper. It is especially true if you have a large number of wires to be stripped.


Product Name
Wire Stripping and Cutting Machine
Item No
W430 * D360 * H265mm
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Stripping Length
Cutting Length
Cutting Tolerance
± ( 0.2 + 0.002 * L) mm
Wire Type
PVC , Teflon, Glass Wire
Wire Size
Less than 46mm
Working Capacity
L=100mm , 85pcs/min
Slitting Length
Less than 200mm

Description : With flat blade and a pair of dispeacable roller

The machine will bring you a successful result, improved safety feature ensure continuous productionwith zero defects

SL-500 :

By using with SL-500, You can measure the length , Strip and Slit the ends of Flat cable,

Maximum combined slitting length at front and reat ends of cable is up to 200mm

Moreover, You can change the ratio of front and reat flitting length by simply touching a button

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