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Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimping Tool 5080

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 Crimping Range : 10-120 mm2

Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimping Tool yyq120


item no.:

Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimping Tool 5080

or hydraulic crimper yyq120


product code:yyq120

Use and performance
The system is suitable for power plants, Power Supply Bureau, shipyards, machinery plants, machinery plants switchboard of copper and aluminum terminals and the connecting tube, with a hexagonal mold, crimping tightly, finally good conductive heat loss and the leaders .

1 Name : Hydraulic Crimping Tool

-2 Item No : Hydraulic Crimping Tool 5080

-3 Crimping Range : 10-120 mm2

-4 Crimping Force : 8 T

-5 Crimping Type : Hexagon Crimping

-6 Stroke : 14 mm

-7 Package : Plastic Box

-8 Weight : 4 KGS

-9 Length : 425 mm

10 Crimping Dies : 10 , 16 , 25 , 35 , 50 , 70 , 95 , 120 mm2

Hydraulic wire-crimping tool crimps 14 to 0 AWG copper and aluminum wires

A tool that is powered by a liquid. Hydraulic tools must be used within their proper specifications

hydraulic wire_termination_crimper_YYQ-120

how to use Manual Hydraulic crimping tool yyq120:


1. The Hydraulic crimping tool YQK-120 is designed for hydraulic crimping on power cable and wire.The crimped conductor is tested in high conductivity and close contact so that its uneasy to break out and turn hot.


2. Open cut design for convenient operation.


 3. Dies are quickly put on tube by double speed unit.Thrn compression force lift and automatically change to low speed.The operation finished with energy saving and time shorten.


 4.    the head could be rotated 180 degree freely for narrow space working.



5.    Fitted with safety valve,when pressure reaches to limited max,Value pressure released automatically to prevent over pressure.



6.    Fiberglass insulated handles to prevent accidental electric hitting.




7.    packing case is made from robust integral plastic box



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