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stainless steel pipe hydraulic crimping tool

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stainless steel pipe hydraulic crimping tool.


The exchange moulds and 360 degree rotary head allows crimping in different angles and provide satisfying applications. The single tool can finish the crimping working of different pipe specifications within the range of Φ12-32mm;

* Applicable for aluminum-plastic pipes, PEX pipes, PB pipes and the pipes which are to be connected with copper pipes and joints, and for clamping stainless steel sleeve, copper sleeve, aluminum sleeve, etc;

* Pipe Diameter Range: Φ12-32mm

* Mould Specification:Φ12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 26, 32mm, no restriction for selection of the desired specification;

* Packing: 4sets/box, each set is packed with an inner plastic box; Size: 62*33*24cm, Weight: 26Kg/4sets.

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