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battery cable lug crimper 5116

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battery cable lug crimper 5116,crimp range:16-300 sqmm

battery cable lug crimper 5116

 Model: ez-300 battery powered cable connector crimping tool

Crimping force: 60KN
Stroke: 17mm
Crimp/charge: 320 times(Cu 150mm2)
Crimping cycle: 3-6s (depend on the size of cable)
Voltage: 18V
Capacity: 3.0Ah
Charging time: 2 hours
Package: Steel case.
Crimping dies 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300mm2
Battery: 2 PCS
Charger: 1 PC
Sealing ring of cylinder: 1 set
Sealing ring of safety valve: 1 set

battery powered_crimper_ez-300


battery cable lug crimper 5116


EZ-300 is a tool for crimping Cu/Al lugs with cables from 16-300 mm2. It is powered by Li-ion, actuated by motor and controlled by MCU. With a high pressure hydraulic system, it is a perfect tool to be used in electrical construction site.


battery cable lug crimper 5116

1.    Usage of the tool

Make sure that all the parts are clean without any oil, dust, especially on the handle and control parts, to avoid the tool slip from the hand easily during the operation.


  1. 1)First you have to check the LED indicator is light or not. If the indicator is light on for more than 5 seconds, it means no power of the battery and should change the full powered battery to settle on the tool.
  2. 2)Select the right dies for the intended application,


Don’t operate the tool without dies. Please select the correct die according to the AL/Cu terminal which to be crimped, to choose the wrong die may cause loose crimping result or generate a lot of burs.


  1. 3)the crimping head has to be opened by pushing the Latch, place two dies up and down after activating the retaining clips. Then the connecting material shall be positioned in the crimping head correctly, in order to start the crimping procedure,
  2. 4)A crimping process is initiated by switching the trigger. It is defined by the closing motion of the dies. The connection material is positioned in the stationary half of the crimping dies and the moving part is approaching the compression point.
  3. 5)A crimping cycle is terminated when the dies contacted each other and when the maximum crimping force is reached. After the crimping cycle is completed the piston retracts automatically. Afterwards a new crimping cycle can be initiated or the crimping process can be terminated by opening the latch and remove the connecting material out of the head.


The crimping process can be interrupted at any moment by releasing the trigger.



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