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Why The Cold Treatment Of Domestic Hardware

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According to The data show that last year China has imported various types of Tools Product 23 364, 64% increase over the previous year; imports Tools It costs up to 200 million 8500 acquisition of Yi Shi six dollars, increased 87% over the previous year. These figures show that China-made machine tools still lags far behind the development of the host, this has led to the current "foreign knife," Cheong Pin Situation. Trend of economic globalization in the market even more significant today, specifically with the international advanced level, identify the metal cutting tool manufacturing sector trends and catch up, it becomes very important.

China has become the "world manufacturing plant", which is the estimated number of bulls. At present, the main industry is still concentrated in the out processing, the independent production of highly sophisticated technology-based products, strong capability and overall competitiveness to be improved.

Compared with international standards, we behind?

According to expert analysis, the gap is our stage. Mainly in the manufacturing sector is still low-end manufacturing products of high added value, only 26.23%. As a major exporter in China, export goods are mainly labor-intensive products with low technological content. At the same time, the energy consumption of China's manufacturing industry is higher than the international advanced level of 20% to 30%.

Into the new century, with large-scale manufacturing industries in developed countries shift to China, while domestic manufacturers also accelerated the pace of technological transformation, was made in large quantities into the CNC machine tool manufacturing. Soon followed a sharp contradiction between the surface of the water, advanced CNC machine tools, cutting tools made with less advanced, have to with "foreign knife." Chinese tool industry for over several decades of product structure, in the new period of development has finally exposed the serious flaws in the manufacturing sector modernization hind legs dragged.

How to solve the gap, speed up industrial development?

Tool companies in China and advanced cross-cutting tools business than from the capital, technology, equipment and management level so there a large gap between what seemed to be no advantage. But I think there are at least two major advantages is a valuable tool conditions for industrial development. That is: natural and human resources. Unfortunately, these two resources have not been very good use of and grasp and lose a lot of development opportunities.

Our unique tool material resources. In 2003, China produced 60,000 tons of high speed steel, carbide 12,500 tons, have accounted for 40% of the world total. However, the same year, sales of our tools, less than 6% of global sales tool, the great contrast is shocking. Shows that our tool is too low added value products.

In human resources, our tool industry for decades to train a contingent of well-qualified workforce. Although China's industrial base by the level of knowledge of some old, needs to be updated and improved. But this step is not difficult to catch up with them. Many foreign companies from China to employ a large number of tools officers trained will rapidly adapt to the modern tools of production, marketing and service very good job, proved the team's ability. However, our long-term production company Tool monotony of standard products, the team's development potential and service potential wasted, which is very unfortunate.

So how can give full play to our advantages in resources and manpower advantages, the development of the tool industry to a new level? Experts believe that the first change in the concept of enhanced services from the start. Tool enterprises to develop completely lost decades of the monotony that helped convey land sales gradually getting old habits, to give top priority to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector. Set the guiding ideology and the development of such guidelines, even without a lot of modern equipment, can produce a good product users welcome. With this guiding ideology, shoddy waste of resources, unconventional and a waste of talent will significantly reduce. In recent years, cutting tool industry began to emerge a number of tech private enterprise, that is so developed, and its strong growth rate than the state-owned enterprises is a concern.

Tool industry to address modern issues, enhance service awareness, and improve service levels is the most important, the urgency is far more than equipment improvements. We have had many painful lessons, some companies pay big bucks to introduce foreign advanced equipment, but the old concepts have not changed, still the production fits the standard tool, the results from the market.

Modern tool manufacturing industry in developed countries today, after 80 years of the last century since the merger, restructuring and improve, showing a "high starting point, large investment scale, internationalization" of the characteristics and concentration trends. 10 largest transnational Tool Group, the largest share of two-thirds share of the tool market. Compared with our tool business, both in product development, process development capabilities, equipment and development capabilities and marketing aspects of service level there is a big gap. Must be recognized that this gap is not able to catch up with them overnight. Tool industry, after all, is a traditional industry, and high-tech development of the law is not the same. A lot of skills and experience, to rely on a long-term accumulation process.

Tool industry in recent years China's reform and development, also began to notice their own conditions, accurate positioning, select the rational development patterns. Many large and medium enterprises, have abandoned the "large", "small and complete" development mode and began showing their characteristics, this is a very good sign. However, the proportion of special products and services also is not big enough, not fast enough in transition. Note the sense of urgency is not strong, not completely get rid of the impact of the traditional system, so reforms to be speeded up.

Competition in a market economy, enterprises are the subject of the competition, it must be responsible for their own survival and development. Therefore, the current development of China's Tool Industry can not meet the needs of the manufacturing sector, the first from the company itself to find a cause, come up with solutions. On the other hand, we must see that the history of development of market economy is still very short, operation of the market there are many irregular imperfections affect the healthy development of enterprises, and sometimes this effect is also very serious. Must Yao Zheng, corporate communication, consensus, the Government intervenes to resolve. For example, the tool industry for many years hampered the healthy development of the "poor quality cheap products vicious competition" and "unfair investment-oriented." These two problems are, and are directly related to government action.

The world's advanced level of China's hardware manufacturing sector to the direction of cutting tools. China's hardware development tool manufacturing industry, experts summarized in four points: First, to develop Festival

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