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Thursday, 19 April 2012 03:19

Electric Power Line Construction or Fittings

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For information regarding electrical power line construction and fitting services look under this  heading. Electric power line construction contractors are the experts when it comes to providing electrical infrastructure services such as the construction and maintenance of underground and overhead transmission and distribution systems. They can also offer transmission systems consulting expertise in the following areas: transmission system studies, terminal stations and substation construction, indoor and outdoor switchyards, overhead transmission towers and poles, and underground cables installation.

Electric power line construction contractors offer a full range of transmission line construction services such as transmission line upgrading and uprating. They can also provide reconductoring services, tower replacement using concrete or steel poles, timber pole replacement, tower extensions, new transmission line construction, and steel lattice tower supply and installation. Another strength they have is in transmission systems design. For designing systems, they can provide consultation and studies including site investigations, easement routing, permits and license applications, environmental impact studies, socio economic studies, financial strategies, and cost estimating services. They can also provide consultancy services as well as equipment hire.

Equipment that they can provide include tension stringing tools, conductor tensioner and pullers, plaited galvanised steel pulling rope, stringing blocks of various sizes, anti-twist head boards, dual conductor head boards, working platforms, compression jointing and termination equipment. They can also provide complete maintenance, offer complete electrical transmission line refurbishment and preventative maintenance services to utility asset owners. Their services may include (but not limited to) preparation and coating of corroded steel lattice towers, changing of corroded bolts and members on steel lattice towers, replacement of insulators, strengthening of steel lattice towers, foundation repair, and timber pole inspection and maintenance.

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