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guide to buy Wire strippers

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Wire strippers come in two broad varieties--home use and industrial strength. Industrial wire strippers are typically large pieces of machinery that operate on a stand and process large wires and cables used in construction. Handheld wire tools are useful for neatly stripping the coating off of smaller wires.

Handheld wire strippers can either be automatic wire strippers or manual wire strippers, both of which have their advantages. If you're looking for a handheld wire tool, check the size of the wire you need to strip to be sure your wire stripper or multi-use tool can process it. When shopping for a wire stripper, look at the following:

When considering a wire stripper, do the following:

1. Browse industrial wire processors for cable strippers and cutting large wires;

2. Check out automatic wire strippers for an easy-to-use tool for basic home wire processing;

3. Get a manual wire stripper or a multifunction tool if you need to strip and cut wire or work with multiple wire sizes.


Consider industrial wire strippers for large-scale construction needs

If you need an industrial wire stripper, you probably want to rent or purchase an industrial wire and cable stripper. These tools are able to thread and cut large wires and cables in addition to just stripping the coating. Any large wires or cables, such as those involved in construction, will require the use of an industrial wire stripper.
Try: Browse several industrial wire and cable processors at Carpenter to see which features you need for the materials with which you'll be working. Because industrial wire strippers are large and expensive pieces of equipment, try renting a machine first from a hardware supplier and see what works for you.


Shop for an automatic wire stripper if you have basic home or shop needs

Automatic wire strippers are convenient for basic use in the home or shop. Because they grip and strip the wire in one motion, automatic strippers require less work from you. Automatic wire strippers may not have the capacity to strip very large or very small wires, however, so check the capacity of an automatic wire stripper before you buy to be sure it will do the job.
Try: Get an automatic wire stripper from Pro.Fit if you're just stripping wires on basic home electronics and wiring. Typically, most household wires will fit these tools, and they're inexpensive and easy to use.


Look for manual stripping tools if you have extensive wire stripping or cutting needs

Manual wire strippers are better than automatic strippers if your wire size is too large or small for an automatic stripper, or if you need tools that can perform a variety of wire processing functions. Manual wire strippers are often multi-function tools that can act as a wire stripper-cutter, able to cut not just the coating but also the wire itself if necessary.
Try: Consider Eclipse for manual stripping tools if you need a stripper that also can cut or bend wires, or if you need a household cable stripper for coaxial cables.

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