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CB-200A hydraulic copper Bus bar bending tool

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Bus bar bending tool


Hydraulic busbar bending tools CB-200A is a remote control tool, works with hydraulic pump,used to bend Cu/Al Busbar 150mm*12mm

Hydraulic Busbar Bending Tools CB-200A is a remote control tools, works with an external hydraulic pump. It is intended to be used to bend Cu/Al busbar at different angle. With the help of hydraulic power and special bending die, bending can be completed quickly and easily, without bending surface damage.

 hydraulic copper_bus_bar_bending_tool_CB-200A-2

Bending force 20T
Max thickness 12mm of copper sheet
Max width 200mm of copper sheet
Weight 27kg
Package wooden case
Package size 410*190*300mm


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