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Hydraulic Hole Puncher CH-80 CH-70 CH-60

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Hydraulic Hole Puncher CH-80 CH-70 CH-60  used in punching on bus bar,steel plate,iron plate,angle iron,I-beam steel,channel steel,u bar,beam channel,box iron,


hydraulic punching tools CH-60 is a single acting hydraulic bus bar punching tool. It is applicable for punching on Cu and Al bus bar, punching range is between 10.5mm and 20.5mm diameter, bus bar thickness should below 8mm.

In order to make punching precisely, 4 pairs punching dies are attached as standard accessories, their size are Ø10.5mm Ø13.8mm Ø17mm Ø20.5mm separately. For special application, dies customization is also available.

As a remote control hydraulic tool, external single acting hydraulic pump is required. All the Hand pump, Foot pump and electric hydraulic pump in our production range are compatible with CH-60, they can deliver pressurized oil to CH-60 through oil pipe and provide 10000psi working pressure.

With the help of hydraulic power, sharp and high-quality punching dies, position unit, punching can be made easily, fast and precisely.

For similar products, CH-70 is strongly recommended, it’s working force and punching capacity are better than CH-60.

 ch-60 hydraulic_puncher

hydraulic punching tools  ch-60 Specification

(1)Application: Punch on Cu and Al Bus bar

(2)Output: 31T

(3)Punching Capacity

Hole Size: Ø10.5 Ø13.8 Ø17 Ø20.5mm   Bus bar Thickness Max. 8mm

(4)Throat Depth: 95mm

(5)Size:350*245*110mm    Weight:13.5kg


hydraulic punching tools ch-60  Feature

  1. Remote Control Style for easy carrying. External hydraulic pump is required. With the quick coupler equipped, CH-60 and pumps can be connected easily by hand.
  2. With the help of hydraulic power and sharp high-quality dies, punching can be made easily and fast. Without scrap.
  3. 4 pairs punching dies are attached for precise punching. punching dies can be purchased separately as spare parts. For special application, punching dies can be customized if sample and drawings can be sent to us

 CH-70 hydraulic_punch_tool

Hydraulic Punching Tools CH-70 is used to Punch Round Holes on Cu/Al busbar. Punching Capacity: Diameter 10.5mm to 20.5mm

Hydraulic Punching Tools CH-70 is a remote control tool, works with an external hydraulic pump (Hand Foot or Electric pump). It is designed to punch round holes on Cu/Al Bus bar. With 4 pairs standard punching dies (10.5 / 13.8 / 17 / 20.5mm), punching hole size is between diameter 10.5mm and diameter 20.5mm. Busbar thickness should below or equivalent to 12mm. With hydraulic power, 4 pairs sharp punching dies, easy fast and clean punching can be achieved.

1 It is designed for punching holes on Cu/AI bus bar. 

2 Punching the different kind metal sheet up to 12mm. 
3 Thid type of hydraulic punch driver can match up hand pump CP-700/ CP-700A or electric pump.

Max thickness of sheet 10mm 12mm
Punching force 31T 35T
Depth of throat 95mm 110mm
Weight 18.5kg 34.5kg
Accessories 3/8"(Φ10.5), 1/2"(Φ13.8), 5/8"(Φ17), 3/4"(Φ20.5)mm
Note It is used for punching Cu/Al plate, can match pumps CP-700

hydraulic punching tools product detail (including ch-60,ch-70,ch-80)

Model Output(T) Aperture max thicknessofsheet Metalplate depth of throat Weight(k g)
MP-125 20T Φ3/8-Φ3/4 12.5mm 8mm 14.5
CH-60 31T Φ3/8-Φ3/4 10mm 6mm 95mm 13.5kg
CH-70 35T Φ3/8-Φ3/4 12mm 10mm 110mm 28kg
CH-80 50T Φ25 16mm 13mm 115mm 40kg

ch-80 hydraulic_puncher



The tool is applicable for punching holes in copper bus bars, aluminum bus bars and steel plates. 
The flat pedestal can provide extra steadiness in operation. 
The punching dies are made of high carbon steel and not easy to wear off.


ch-80 Hydraulic Hole Punch Features:



Hydraulic punch tool  is designed for punching holes on Cu/AI bus bar


2 Punching the different kind metal sheet up to 18mm


3 This type of hydraulic punch tool can match up  ZCB-700D electric hydraulic pump


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